Zoo Med Professional Series Dimmable Clamp Lamp - Black

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Zoo Med Black Dimmable Clamp Lamp is great for reducing light/heat output on all types of incandescent lamps. The in-line simmer switch provides the perfect all-in-one solution for controlling heat lamps and ceramic heat emitters.

  • Great for reducing light/heat output on all types of incandescent lamps
  • Includes on/off dimmer switch
  • Heavy duty ceramic fixture

Turn your heater down on a hot day and back up when it gets cool again, adapt to seasonal temperature changes without swapping bulbs, or just reduce your energy costs and increase your bulb life by lowering the power.

Recommended for use with Zoo Med incandescent reptile lamps and ReptiCare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitters up to the Clamp Lamps maximum wattage.

1-year manufacturer warranty.

Note: Zoo Med Safety Cover sold separately!

To use the clamp lamp, first make sure that it is unplugged and that the dimmer switch is in the OFF position (dial turned fully counterclockwise).

Securely clamp, hang, or mount the lamp in the desired safe location (always outside of the enclosure) and insert an APPROPRIATE bulb or ceramic heat emitter.

To turn the lamp on, rotate the dimmer dial clockwise. Full power, "on", is reached when the dial is as far as it will go. Any point between on and off corresponds to a reduced power level.

Q: What is the maximum wattage I can use in this fixture
A: This fixture can handle incandescent bulbs up to 150 watts.
Q: How can I ensure long life of my bulbs
A: You can check your fixture by unplugging it and looking at the metal tab in the center - where the bulb screws in. This tab can be pulled slightly forward to ensure that it makes a good contact with the bulb.