Fluval Power Filter Foam Pad Replacement

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Fluval C4 Foam Pads provide Stage 1 mechanical filtration for the Fluval C4 Power Filter. These highly porous pads trap large particles and debris as they flow throw the filter, keeping aquarium water clean and clear while helping reduce harmful ammonia levels.

  • Traps large particles and debris
  • Ideal for heavily populated aquariums
  • Mechanical filtration media pads
  • Helps keep water clean and clear and reduce ammonia

Directions: Rinse foam pad thoroughly before use, and insert into mechanical frame. Using water from the aquarium, rinse monthly or when the cleaning indicator rises. No NOT use tap water.

For best results, replace Foam Pad every 2-3 months and replace Poly/Foam Pad every 4-6 weeks. To ensure constant presence of beneficial bacteria, do not replace all filtration media at the same time.